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Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning is an established way to ensure your finances and assets during your lifetime and to ensure who receives those assets after your death. This includes assets in which you may own only a percentage or share of, as well as wholly owned assets. Read More

Asset Protection & Business Planning

Creating and operating a business can be a tough task, especially in an ever-changing world where it is becoming harder and harder to be successful today and have financial security tomorrow. When establishing a business there are a variety of factors which have tax consequences, financial consequences, and liability consequences, and our firm is dedicated to helping you properly establish and run your business successfully. Read More

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples & Domestic Partners

The need for proper estate planning is paramount for unmarried couples and domestic partners. If a proper estate plan is not put into place, your significant other may be left out of important health and financial decisions, in the event you are incapable of making those decisions. There a variety of methods unmarried couples and domestic partners can avoid these unnecessary situations. Read More

Planning for Incapacity

These plans are extremely important as the detail how you will be cared for upon the event of your physical or mental incapacitation. The type of care outlined by these plans can range from simple tasks (i.e. buying groceries or paying bills) to more important decisions (i.e. selling property or making critical medical decisions). Read More

Retirement Planning

As you take steps to organize your affairs, decisions must be made concerning which family members are intended to benefit from the estate plan. Each choice you make may have important tax consequences. Read More

Special Needs Trust

A Special Needs Trust allows a parent, grandparent or guardian to provide funds for a disabled child without disrupting the child’s eligibility for government aid. In creating a Special Needs Trust, there are several extremely important factors to keep in mind. Read More